Necessity and limitations of educational expansion in Afghanistan

Education is a topic which plays a major role in Afghanistan as well as in Germany. While in Afghanistan, the currently most relevant political groupings associate a significant strengthening of school education with a progress of society as a whole, there is still considerable resistance to sensitive topics such as co-education or the academic education of girls.

But in our view, there exists no solid empirical attitude research in Afghanistan, and in the literature, there are both statements on a sustainably growing acceptance of (girls’) education (even in rural areas) and evidence of counter-ideologies from the Islamic spectrum.

In Germany, however, achieving higher education or an academic title is more or less automatically associated with a successful social integration – especially with regard to migration groups. From our perspective, both (above only cursorily stated) positions are problematic and not complex enough. Thus, the initial focus of our analysis of education in Afghanistan and the education of Afghans living in Germany is to endeavor to conduct a more elaborate assessment of the current situation of the educational system in Afghanistan.

To this end, we conducted a rather big conference on education at the University of Education Freiburg in 2015, the overarching topic being teacher education in Afghanistan. We compressed the different positions in an anthology, which shall be published at the end of 2018. Furthermore, we endeavor to have a continuous exchange within the framework of lecturer and student mobility; among other things in order to determine what we can learn from the Afghan variants of inclusive school education in Germany. The individual projects with further information are listed in the following.


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Anthology "Education and Development in Afghanistan"

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