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Congress contributions

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HLCA Consortium’s meeting Bielefeld, Germany; Februar 2018: Sahrai, E; Projekt ELMi: Sinnsetzungsprozesse von jungen Geflüchteten mit afghanischem Migrationshintergrund – eine ethnographische Jugendgesundheitsstudie.

European Public Health Association (EUPHA), 10th European Public Health Conference; Stockholm, Sweden; November 2017: Harsch, S; Jawid, A; Jawid, M. E.; Bittlingmayer, UH: Health Literacy in crisis-affected Afghanistan: a quantitative study on beliefs and barriers.

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9th European Public Health Conference; Wien, Österreich; November 2016: Sahrai, D; Bittlingmayer, UH; Saboga Nunes, L. (2016): Health literacy – the necessity for an ethnological perspective.

23rd International Congress of DAVO; Eberhard Karls University Tübingen, Germany; October 2016: Workshop: Education, Health, Peace and Development in Afghanistan. Beiträge:

  • Bittlingmayer, UH.: Educational Development Programmes for Germany between Human Rights and Human Capital;
  • Sahrai, F & Grant-Hayford, N: The Transcend Method – Solution-oriented Peace and Conflict Transformation in Afghanistan;
  • Harsch, S: Health Promotion in Crisis-affected Fragile Countries: Between Harming, Immediately Curing and Sustainably Promoting Health? A Case Study of Afghanistan.

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